Pruning Climbing Roses

Roses play a significant role in the garden at Childerley with around 500 species and cultivars. This central element of the planting is also a central part of our ongoing restoration work, the majority of this work being undertaken in the dormant season.

The rose illustrated here is Rosa brunonii ‘La Mortola’ which is growing on a lovely warm red brick south facing wall. It is a rampant rose with lovely greyish foliage and large white flowers in clusters, fragrant. It is quite beautiful when in flower.

As with many roses care is paramount to performance and for us ‘La Mortola’ was requiring some restoration. An early judgement is made to understand what we are trying to achieve and then we work through the process. In this case it involved totally removing the rose off of the wall and holding it back whilst we put new fixings, wires and strainers to support the growth and enable us to tie in selected stems. I then select material to be eventually tied back in and prune away accordingly whilst the rose is more easily handled at ground level. I make ongoing judgements retaining more than enough material therefore leaving me with options once the rose is pushed back to the wall.

The task of then taking the pruned rose back to the wall is undertaken and the tying in and fine tuning of pruning takes place. The finished result being shown here. Into the coming growing season care is taken to either tie in or prune away resulting growth trying to retain the desired outcome.