Garden Design on Skye

Andrew’s Design Office is based on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland on The Isle of Skye.

He has worked in over 50 gardens on the island helping client’s realise the potential of there gardens. In many cases enjoying growing plants from many parts of the world including: Europe, North America, Chile, South Africa, China, Himalayas, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and even the Falkland Islands and the Chatham Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

In his home garden Andrew explores the joy of growing plants from around the world and experimenting with those able to perhaps gives clues form there natural environment as to there suitability to grow on Skye. However his main joy is his wild flower meadow which in 2012 had over 300 Heath Spotted Orchids and his first Greater Butterfly Orchid alonside Knapweed, Meadowsweet and many others. This was created from a building site in 2006.

Wildlife offers much interest with Otters sometimes frequenting the shoreline with Sea Eagles overhead – an inspirational place to work!