Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Founded in 1869 and centred around buildings designed by Lasdun in the 1960’s, Andrew initially worked here in his first major role as a young budding Head Gardener (1982-86). During this period he set to designing and implementing new planting schemes throughout the College grounds and was central to liasing with the College, Architects (MacCormac Jamieson Prichard), Planners and Contractors in implementing a new landscape scheme in house to complement the new architecture.

Andrew was drawn back to the College again in 1989 to act as Garden’s Consultant primarily to develop and link ‘The Grove’ a Grade 2 listed building in which Emma Darwin once resided with the existing College architecture.

Then followed a sustained period of design, development and management which culminated in a new landscape to link the old and new and build on the wonderful mature landscape of ‘The Grove’.

Andrew was also delighted to be asked to liase with the Architects (MacCormac Jamieson Prichard), in the construction of a wonderful new Chapel whose East window is dominated by a magnificent London Plane. And then with Architects (van Heyningen and Haward) in the Wilson building.

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