Plant association

On a recent delve into my client archive I came across this image of a ‘Welcome Garden’ created for a Garden Centre, it many respects it epitomises a style of planting which I use and enjoy to this day, although this project was undertaken over 10 years ago.

The underlying plant choice hinges on the geology and climate of a given location – in this case the relative dryness of western East Anglia on a free draining sandy soil.  This fact forms the underlying sustainability of plant selection. Then factors such as impact, year round interest and scent for example can follow, along with how the plants are put together.

In this image the association includes Stipa gigantea, Lavandula ‘Munstead’, Salvia officinalis ‘Icterina’ and amongst others Alchemilla mollis.  A meandering gravel path gives access to the planting scheme and reinforces the feeling of a ‘dry’ climate plant association. The scheme includes repetition and natural drifts, very much part of a style I adopt which of course can relate to any given location.