‘Magnet’ – the cultivar of Snowdrop that I so enjoy. It is nestled by my front steps which lead from the house into the garden and out into the meadow, soon making it’s way down to the rocky shore of the bay. Of course it’s easy to love Snowdrops – what grace and poise at the very point when you start to long for the tiniest suggestion of spring.

Actually it’s the stories attached to plants which I love. My two now quite robust clumps of G. ‘Magnet’ were given to me by the owner of the village Manor House where I gardened as a teenager in Cambridgeshire, I treasure them for the attached memories to the village of my birth and the joy of working in that garden. I recently walked by the Manor House and the woodland floor was alive with snowdrops and aconites with stately Hellebore’s nodding in around them which I see now are gaining a strong foothold, self seeding themselves around.

It is really warming to view my snowdrops – now on the Isle of Skye, and make that strong connection with the people and places that have so enriched my life connected with plants and my career in horticulture.